South Africa



nDan won!  Who would guess people do actually win call in TV drawings?  Dan figured if you donít try you will not win.  So during the 10th Anniversary of the Charlie Chat on Dish Network, Dan called in to try to win.  His phone call got in near the end with only about 10 minutes to go before the drawing.  It was a live show and at the end they drew one name out of the barrel.  The trip was co-sponsored by Animal Planet / Discovery Network and Mutual of Omaha.  The prize was for an African Safari, airfare, 6 nights, and meals.   We added an additional 4 nights on to the end visiting Cape Town. 

These PDF link will start a slide show of our trip.  I tried to limit the pictures, but I took over 500!  Watch at your leisure, or pass. 



Tintswalo (coming soon)

Cape Town (coming soon)

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November 8, 2006