July 4, 2003 Storm Damage

East side of Indianapolis in the Irvington and Ellenberger Park areas.


West side of Ellenberger Park

Picnic Shelter







Man hooking tree to crane.











More tree damage in Ellenberger Park


Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive near park

Ritter and University

Ritter North of Washington

Removing tree from house.


University Ave between Irving Circle and Arlington Ave.

Large Tulip tree up-rooted










Our neighbor's tree fallen into the next yard, just missing a pop-up camper.










Limb on power line two doors down.










Our debris

Our Ash tree

One large limb fell out (see next image).  This one is still up there and is as large as the one on the ground.











Oak Street

This tree fell across the front of the house.


House on Irving Circle











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July 7, 2003